Beautyful Picture Atelier

For two years I have been creating paintings in a digital studio ....

… based on photographs I have taken over the years. Art connoisseurs may complain that there is little art in the image made on the computer, but it is probably not about whether the image was created using brushes and paints, or with the help of a mouse and keyboard. I remember when the first digital cameras appeared, the “analogists” mocked photographs that were not made on the photosensitive film in the darkroom. Well – I will not convince the unconvinced, and I direct my gallery to people who will find emotions in my frames and will not have to spend a fortune to enjoy the beautiful frame on the wall in their room, living room or bedroom.

I suggest different paintings and different atmosphere. The vast majority of photos were created as a result of the preparation and involvement of many people, from models and make-up artists. Anyway, each image contains positive energy of the creator and co-creators. Thank you to all those who have contributed to the work in a minimal way.

How to order a picture?

The sale of paintings takes place via eBay. Find the image you are interested in in the gallery and give me the auction number and the image number or the image numbers. If you find a picture for yourself, just send its number by email and after confirming the payment I will send the file in high resolution (without watermarks :-))
Each image can be ordered in electronic form at a starting price of 10 dollars, which is half the amount that will apply after the promotion ..
Each image can be printed on canvas up to 140 cm long. Because the print is important (type of canvas, types of inks, finish of the binding), I recommend a proven printing house, with a discount for printing my paintings.
The price of 10 dollars does not correspond to the whole amount of work that has been put into each of the paintings. That is why I assume selling three copies of 20 dollars three times, which will give me a satisfying reward for my creative contribution to the work.

Important !!!

I guarantee that the picture you buy from me will not hang on more than 3 walls around the world, which, unlike prints sold in thousands in supermarkets, is incomparable. For those who would like to be sure, however, that NO ONE has the same image, I have an offer to buy an exclusive right of 90 dollars. (during the promotion period ONLY 45 dollars !!!) To do this, please go back to the ebay auction and buy 3 items and then provide the number of this one work.
A promotion of 50% of the price is valid until the end of June - 15 dollars for the right to one image print. The clock is counting down!
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The galleries were created from quite large files, where you can see the whole concept of the frame by enlarging it to full screen and scrolling with the mouse wheel. However, to see the image quality, I put a link to download the file in full resolution.
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