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digital painting studio

If Claude Monet, Vincent Van Gogh, or any of the famous painters were born today ...

… would they be captivated by new technologies? Would they create their works on the computer? Or would they remain faithful to the tradition of canvas paint and brush, who knows?
This reflection came to me during the plague of coronovirus, when we were nailed to our homes, with no way out to earn a living.
Times of crises often create a new quality. I subscribe to it with all my mouth and, combining all my experiences and possibilities, I started painting pictures, though neither with a brush nor paints.

My paintings are made in a digital studio,

that is in the “hardware & software” list that I have developed over the years. And although I miss the atmosphere of a real painting studio, where there is a specific smell of turpentine and linseed oil so nice to my nose, and although I miss mixing paints on the palette and my own brush strokes, my age does its job. Maybe if I was 20 years old, then I would run to the artists’ shop for easels, paints, stretchers and canvas and start creating oils or acrylics again, and maybe one or two paintings per month? But I have so much to show, and the time I have on this planet is too short and I have to take a short cut.
To paint the picture with oil on canvas, you need at least a month. You can reduce this time by switching to acrylic paints, which dry several times faster, so you can commit a work even in a week, but …

There is nothing bad that would not work out for good

Thanks to the digital studio, I can create images for power and most importantly, they are so cheap that they can go under the proverbial thatched roof. Ok, I know that an art connoisseur will not even look at such creations, but I prefer my paintings to go to a thousand ordinary houses than to one or two villas near the forest. I go, as the saying goes in quantity, although not diminishing the quality.
The starting point are my photos that have been created for several years. Sometimes it is a bit of a random frame, and sometimes a deeply thought-out composition, which took time, money and people to create. Please take my word for it, that in each of these frames there is a lot of energy that will radiate to the viewer of the picture. Painting style is only the culmination of a work that gives the final touch to the image.
So, Dear Buyer of my work, be sure that you are not buying mass production à la Ikea or Amazon reproduced in thousands of pieces. My paintings, although digital, are still with a great admixture of my creative soul and the positive energy of co-creators like a model, stylist or make-up artist.

Pictures for every interior

You can order a picture
painted from your photo ...

In addition to the images available in the galleries available below, you can order a picture painted by me and my computer software based on the photo sent. It can be a personal portrait, a portrait of a loved one, or a landscape close to you. I especially recommend portraits of people who have already passed away and who have left only old, tired, yellowed photographs. I will give these photos a new life – I can even make a large picture with dimensions several dozen times larger than the photo itself.

I sell my works in electronic form. However, the image is not bought to put on the desktop in the computer, but to appear on the wall in the living room or bedroom. So it’s good that it looks great there. That’s why you need the right printout.
And here I have good news. I work with a proven printing house that has extensive experience in large format printing. I guarantee that by ordering them to print a picture purchased from me, you will not be disappointed in terms of quality and price. 
here is the link to the printing house, but unfortunately it is a printing house in Poland and there is no English version. We are working on such a version, but unfortunately for now the print order process must be done not automatically via the web but via correspondence with me. Unless someone prefers to print the image in your print shop.


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