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In 2014, I was invited to register my visit to Poland. descendants of Emperor Napoleon and his beloved Maria Walewska The visit lasted 5 days. The assumption was to create a chronicle of this stay in the form of an impression from each day of the stay. Here is an impression from the entire stay. The next slide shows the ceremonial opening of their visit. The opening ceremony at the monument to Napoleon in Warsaw. Consul of France, honorary company of the Polish Army, Polish war veterans fighting in the French army. Emperor Napoleon & Maria Walewska Descendants of great love.

From 2012, I started my adventure in the world of horses. I created a few reportage documents and a whole lot of impressions. The opening film is about Jarosław Skrzyczyński, the multiple Polish champion in show jumping. The next movie is 3 episodes about kids who can do wonders with their ponies and big horses. Gdzie jest Kacper A film in three episodes about the Podkowa Gruszczyn sports stable near Poznań. The stable specializes in training the youngest riders, and because in this sport it is girls who most often ride horses, they are the protagonists of the film. dokument

Help, the beatles, Belvedere, Warszawa
Zlot harcerek w Parku Dzieje
w Murowanej Goślinie
In Murowana Goślina, scouts from all over Poland, and at the camp in Jaszków, scouts from Belgium. film impression promoting a company renting palace facilities for film sets. Hotel Atut Christmas Eve 2019. Impresja for marketing purposes. Such a rodeo in Poland, in the Western City in Karpacz. Rain, mud and chilling scenes ...

The second day of the rodeo in Western City in Karpacz is already sunny. Saksofonowe Uroczyste otwarcie lodziarni w Warszawie
A group of acrobatic actors with their street show in
a festive atmosphere.
The same acrobatic and acting group but a street show in a different place and time in the city. The Mazowsze ensemble is often associated with a folk museum from the times of the Polish People's Republic. This film clearly shows that this is a wrong association.
Relacje, impresje z imprez...