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My fascination with the 3D world and FX effects has been very significant. Unfortunately, it is the creative environment that is hardware-demanding the most. building a simple stage is a fairly simple first step, but then it's a staircase - giving materials, lighting and rendering is usually a knockout for my good gear. For example, building a female figure and making 2 copies is a fun day. It took two days to dance and animate, but rendering in very low resolution takes three nights. And it was a construction day to build the spaceship, and it was two nights for the animation.

The dance of the three nymphs. Fragment (full HD resolution)

my first spaceship.

Animation of the Bożydarka knight for children as part of the Pantheon History project

3D animations for the advertising film Ost Sped
3D animations for an advertising film for the Ost Sped shipping company
Concept 4 soccer logo animation
projekt mobilnego studia filmowego
3D small logos showreal

timelapse is a tedious job, but the effect is worthwhile