the world of horses and amazons.

my adventure with horses began in Jaszków in the well-known stable of Antoni Chłapowski. My professional idée fixe and, above all, the momentum from the world of models from which I came, made me look for more candidates for the session among the amazons. Olympia fell into my lens as one of the first ...

Here are snapshots from Jaszkowo. The seventy-year-old master Antoni himself (by the way, grandson of general Dezydery Chłapowski). Girls on vacation with Natalia, who is often crazy about horses, and a scene that is characteristic only for Jaszków, when over a hundred riders "heat" in clouds of dust straight to the audience. A sky-high experience.

People who start their adventure with horses early are successful in horse riding. Julia started at the age of 8 ...

and here a little older Olympia ...
and a few more years ahead - Natalia

A documentary about Piotr Mazurek and his family.

documentary - about an exceptional stable, part 1
part two
part three
and here is another family crazy about horses
film o rodzinie Marchwickich

As a cut-scene, a movie from Maja Marchwicka's journey to Cavaliada.

And we come back to good creative craft work ... Here is: "Driving in Książ". A document summarizing the competition

advertising spot for the CSI4 competition
document - summary of the Polish Championship 2016
document - summary of CSI4 2018
Film about the Polish Champion Kamil Grzelczyk

Wywiad z szeryfem Western City w Karpaczu

You need a good horse to be successful
a little more about Kunowo stud