Welcome to the world of delicious beer Imagine a brewery. Imagine that you are the president of this brewery and you want to show the world what perfect beer you make. Here is a presentation of your beer... If you asked Black Lady, our beer expert, who has been a brewer for many generations, who has been a brewer perfectly familiar with its trade, she would immediately and undoubtedly indicate her favorite beer. And how do you think, what kind of beer it would be? What kind of beer does she like? Here is a black lady.
Here are some beers. Certainly among them is the black lady favorite one. Well, but how do you recognize the beer that Black Lady loves the most among?
Relax, you'll find out soon what kind of beer it is.
Here is the beer from the castle brewery in Cieszyn. This one Black Lady loves.
We asked her what is so special about this beer. And guess what? Her answer totally surprised us, as we expected special arguments...
It doesn't matter If you don't like beer being wasted, click on the screen and stop the flowing stream. She told us that it doesn't matter what's in the beer from the brewery in Cieszyn, but the most important thing for her is that when she drinks two bottles, her whole body starts to dance. And so it rages, rages, rages ... we must admit that we are very impressed with the flexibility and grace of the Black Lady. So we asked what if she had drunk three instead of two bottles? Black Lady looked at us with an eloquent and piercing eyesight and said ... ... she said something that surprised us again: When I drink three beers, then I don't dance anymore, but sit in a comfortable armchair and watch my friend, who also dances well and only after two beers :-)) And what happen when your friend also drink a third beer? When my friend drinks her third beer... well - we're like lovebird parrots. When she and I both have the noise of three beers from the castle brewery in Cieszyn in our heads, we stop dancing, sit like parrots on a branch, sip subsequent breweries, watch the world and talk to each other. We also like to look at hops. Hop cones are light as a feather. And when we throw them into the aquarium and add water,
a fabulous ballet performance begins. As dancers, we know a bit about this.
The answer to this question is in the video. You can't miss this movie. Do you want to know why Black Lady praises the beer from Cieszyn so much? watch
back And with this accent we end the beer presentation.
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