level zero get into magic keyboard_arrow_right go! keyboard_arrow_right presentation Slider Revolution keyboard_arrow_right Slider Revolution by Ricardo Mościcki If this is your first time here I suggest navigating forward slide by slide using the arrow on the screen or the keyboard. You can also go to any slide by clicking on the little circles on the left side of the screen. presentation keyboard_arrow_right Ask her Does the blue-red lady interfere with reading? Please ask her to move away.
I've been making websites for many years, but they've never been perfect. And that's why I made them only for myself or for my friends. I could measure my intentions and knew that the commercial market was not for me. A year ago I met Wordpress and it was a big step forward. Now, thanks to SLIDER REVOLUTION, I can sail freely in the ocean of commerce.
coffee girl So, let's start showing
the possibilities of the program
in my creative hands.
By the way. Now is a good time
for a cup of good aromatic coffee...
And watch a sophisticated show... Make it.
Drink it.
keyboard_arrow_right A website full of graphics is not always a good idea. I started my portfolio with exceptionally rich and colorful graphics, but that doesn't mean that I can not appreciate the simple, clean visual message. A beautiful woman filling the entire screen in full zoom is what always catches the eye. keyboard_arrow_right Here is another clean layout. However, visitors can interact and for example hang paintings on the wall, put vases on the table, or hang a lamp. Soon, Ricardo will create a spectacular interactive show, where the viewer activates one thing, will trigger another. Such a domino effect. picture flowerpots lamp pictures keyboard_arrow_right So, are you ready to order
some unique multimedia presentation or an original website made by Ricardo? If still not, then keep watching...
keyboard_arrow_right I have to admit that
I can look at a beautiful girl
and stare and stare...
And this is another example
of influencing the viewer
with excellent quality image.
keyboard_arrow_right Move the mouse on the screen, Mr. John ... Rich graphics full of effects? Is this a good idea for a website? Well, whether you like it or not, such bells and whistles are often needed on a website to engage the visitor with the game. Here is the "red fixum dyrdum", another example of interaction with a visitor. keyboard_arrow_right Imagine you need to present a large panoramic photo. For example, the panorama of Paris. Slider Revolution gives you many ways to show it. Here's the first way. Click in the text area and see what happens. panorama
Another example of presenting a panoramic photo in full screen is a cheerful company of historical figures. A pinch of humor in this presentation is absolutely appropriate. Click on the text area to open the panorama. happy
Another example in this slide is SCROLL VIDEO. It is so unusual, that you should definitely run it and see it with your own eyes. To do this, click on the yellow text. Here is the third example showing full screen photo.
In this case, the photo is vertically shifted. Click here to see the large photo.
Does the navigation menu always have to be simple. Usually yes, because we're used to it. But maybe it's worth surprising your site visitor sometimes. Then you have to do it in a unique way, like the one in this slide. 1 2 3 4